Of about 63,800 employees in Kista, two-thirds work in the ICT cluster. The Stockholm area, to which Kista belongs, is one of the major ICT clusters in Europe. Kista Science City has approximately 501 ICT companies where research and development are underway in everything from mobile consumer products to next generation communication systems and software. The size of the companies varies from small SMEs to large multi-national companies. Many major Swedish ICT companies have chosen to establish their head offices here, including Ericsson, Tele2 and Enea. Several major international ICT companies have also chosen to establish their Nordic offices here, such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, SUN Microsystems, Huawei etc. Alongside these companies are a large number of smaller innovative Swedish growth companies and a steady stream of new technology startups. Wireless networks and communications, mobile communications and multimedia, cleantech, medtech and nanotech are the key research areas.

About 120,000 people live in Kista Science City, 64,000 work here and 5,000 study at the university level. In 10 to 15 years, the number of workplaces could double (the number of residents could increase by 20,000-40,000) and the number of university students could triple. Kista Science City would then be home to about 150,000 residents, 120,000 workers, and 15,000 university students.


The Electrum Foundation extends Swedish expertise in the field of information and communications technology by initiating, supporting, and promoting cooperation among businesses, researchers, and educators. In the 1980s, The Electrum Foundation began supporting small companies by developing their contacts with university research and established firms. In early 2000, the Electrum Foundation in Kista Science City was rejuvenated through a common initiative by the City of Stockholm, the business sector, and academia.

The goal was to realize the parties’ agreed vision of the future of Kista Science City. Are represented in the Board of Electrum Foundation: businesses (Ericsson, IBM, LjungbergGruppen, Packetfront), policy (Stockholm Business Region) and research (Royal Institute of Technology, SICT and Acreo) The foundation has two subsidiaries: Kista Science City AB and Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB, each with its own internal board of directors.

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